The fiber mold manufacturing process uses sterilized heat-press and is gluten, chlorine, dye & BPA free. The water used is recycled and re-used. There is only evaporation loss in water consumption. At all levels, strict quality standards and hygiene conscious approaches are taken. With our constantly innovative design team, a range of elegant, sturdy, leak- proof, heat & cut-resistant, clean-finished tableware is produced.

Eco-friendly fiber mold solutions offer a logical answer to harmful nasty unhygienic plastic/Styrofoam recycled packaging products. These polystyrene products are made from petroleum which is a non- renewable resource as well as end up in waterways choking marine life, creating blockages in drainage systems, creating unhygienic conditions, and spreading diseases & epidemics.

Though many states and cities in India have banned the use of plastic bags, there are no proper hygienic products that will biodegrade in the shortest time.
We are manufacturing an eco-friendly alternative to harmful products like dangerous plastic and Styrofoam used in most catering, delivery, and takeaway establishments.

Our machine will be designed considering the Indian customs & traditions. Where we introduce our customer to a beautiful, elegant, and functional selection of composite fiber mold products for those precious occasions where only the best will do.
The molded fiber products manufactured from our plant will be attached with engineering solutions that can be produce naturally occurring color shades. They are non-toxic, odorless, helping further for food to taste as it should.
There is no compromise in hygiene and health. Safe products have been designed in consultation with top chefs and caterers in the industry.