Bagasse, Which Is The Dry Fibrous Residue Left Out Of Agriculture Waste. As With Takeaway Boxes, These Plates And Bowls Are Pressed Into Shape In A High-Heat, High-Pressure Process. The Result Is An Economic And Sturdy Selection Of Tableware Which Is More Rigid In Service Than Paper Plates Or Bowls. These Products Are Naturally Compostable And Suitable For Hot, Wet, And Oily Foods, Offering Superior Performance To Paper Or Eps Equivalents. These Molded Fiber Products Are The Best Eco- Friendly Solution For An Environmentally- Conscious Consumer. Manufactured Under High- Quality Standards With The Least Greenhouse Effects And Global Warming With Zero-Waste Production, Using Natural Gas For Heat Generation, The Raw Materials Used Are Biodegradable & Compostable, Made From Natural Plant Fibers Such As Sugarcane Bagasse, Wheat Fiber Or Bamboo Fiber, All Of Which Are Renewable Resources.